Prickly pear festival art contest submission summer 2022


July /August 2022

I had two pieces of art displayed recently.
1.Frida Kahlo themed art show as a celebration of Frida’s birthday. This was my submission.

Frida Kahlo birthday party themed art show at O.T. Circus. Gouache and watercolor painting. This exhibition has already ended.

2.Shades of red art show at the Placitas Community Library.

Menstrual blood pad embellished / embroidered with red string, buttons, sequins and beads.

This art is currently in display at the Placitas community library for the “Shades of Red” exhibition until August 25,2022.

This art represents female menstruation. This still seems like a taboo subject even though 50% of the population encounteres the phenomenon during their monthly cycles. I’d like to destigmatize periods, as they are a really beautiful, magical and interesting process. I think periods should be celebrated as a welcomed part of the female experience.

Epic updates!

There have been many things that happened since my last post! The past several months have been extremely busy with work and school but I have had a little break now!

August 2021

Some of my art was accepted into the New Mexico state fair!

October 2021

I submitted a new collection of sewn felt pins to art o mat

Collection of sewn felt pins

November 2021

I experimented with making a giant lanyard with recycled felt from submaterial-( it became a dog chew toy )

December 2021

I submitted a painting to Harwood Art Center’s 12 x 12 fundraiser exhibition.×12-2021/


I also experimented with making a tiny Christmas/winter scene and photographing it!

January 2022

I participated in the 1415 gallery fun-a-day art exhibition and spent January creating this piece.

February 2022

I participated in the Rebel Prints gallery love art show with this piece.

Current and other art updates, March 2022

-The 1415 fun a day art show is still up until March 18th so go visit! There are many amazing artists and art!!!!!

My work is currently in an exhibition at the Harwood Art Center, (re) conceive- works of reclamation.

I have also been invited to participate in the “Encompass” community celebration at the Harwood Art Center, where I will have a live art performance, crocheting this dress as I am wearing it!

I’m also working on a long term project with sewing recycled labels. If you have extra labels, I will recycle them!

These are some other things I have been doing…and links:

art on the rio:

little free art gallery:



Harwood Art Center 12×12 fundraiser

I was honored to be invited for the third year to participate in the Harwood 12×12 art show fundraiser. Many local upcoming and established artists are invited to donate 12″x12″ artworks to be purchased at $144.00 each. At the art show, the artist’s names are not labeled on the artwork, so there is a nice surprise factor to the patrons. This year, the art show was virtual, due to the coronavirus. I saw that my piece was purchased already and I’m glad I was able to contribute and participate in supporting this wonderful local arts organization! There are still a few pieces available in the exhibition so go check it out!