Lindsay Brenner was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1983, where she grew up.  She attended college at a small school near Chicago for one year, then spent one semester studying in Seville, Spain.  Later returning to St. Louis, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art at St. Louis University.  After working several jobs in St. Louis, Washington State and Minnesota, she relocated to Albuquerque to work as an Americorps State volunteer at an art center for adults with developmental disabilities.  After working with this population in Albuquerque for a few years, Lindsay decided to join the Peace Corps.  She lived and worked in Morocco for a 27 month term in the Youth Development sector.  Having returned to Albuquerque now, Lindsay is working with youth as well as people with developmental disabilities. She also travels and continues to progress in her art.


Artist’s statement:

Lindsay Brenner’s art is very exploratory.  She is interested in a variety of mediums from paint to ceramics to found objects.  Lindsay obtained her bachelor’s degree in Studio art from St. Louis University in 2007.  She has been creating art since childhood and continues to do so.  Her works are often imaginative, quirky or etherial, as she likes to explore and imagine.  She likes to create art that is unexpected, unusual and often colorful.  Lindsay is hopeful to make a positive impact with the art she makes and hopes the viewer will have a response of positivity and introspection.   Lindsay is influenced by nature, travel and observation of the world around her.



-I often find that the world does not make very much sense sometimes, but it is still beautiful in its imperfections.  I like to find the hidden interest and beauty in mundane things, seeing them in a new light. I like to keep my perspectives fresh and try to use materials in a new or experimental way.  I hope that the viewer responds to my work with a smile and curiosity.